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Published on 10/18/2017

“Having the AUTEC definitely helps us successfully execute our business plan,” commented Jim Butler, General Manager of Modern Toyota in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  “In addition to service department vehicles, we have a thriving rental business.  The AUTEC is great economically for washing these rental cars as well as cars being prepped for auction.  With AUTEC, we are learning to create internal economies that enhance our dealership’s prosperity.  Today, in fact, we had a great customer satisfaction review from a customer who said how much they appreciated their car being washed at their service visit.  This makes for happy people and therefore, great service-customer retention,” Butler concluded.

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Published on 10/17/2017

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Excellent wash quality.  Long-term durability.  Trouble-free operation.  Highly profitable.



"I have been an AUTEC automatic owner for over 20 years.  We just replaced the original unit and installed a new, EV-1 Combination wash alongside our three self-serve bays," commented McKinleyville Auto Spa co-owner Michael Evenson.  (Michael Evenson-left, co-owner Jaime Arredondo-right)

He continued,  "the EV-1 offers all my customers so many options, they don't need to go anywhere else to clean their vehicles.


AUTEC's sales and marketing team made the purchase of the EV-1 very easy and they were always in our corner when it came to price and options. I had originally called AUTEC to talk about buying one of their touch free models and they shared with us the benefits of the EV-1 which has both touch free and soft touch capabilities.  That's the route we chose to take.

When any problem occurred with my old AUTEC automatic, AUTEC's tech support staff was always very helpful and was able to help me fix any problem. AUTEC's master installer came out from North Carolina and installed our new EV-1. He was great to work with and did a great job with no problems. The entire team at AUTEC is a great bunch of helpful people and I would do business with them anytime when building an automatic car wash.

Thanks again AUTEC!"  ~Michael Evenson, McKinleyville Auto Spa

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Published on 8/16/2017


Congratulations Brad Mattivi, owner-operator of Majestic Car Wash in Pittsburg, Kansas for being chosen 2017 Best of the Best - Pittsburg, in the car wash category.

Brad purchased an AUTEC AES-425 Soft Touch Car Wash back in 2008 and obviously, it is still going strong.

Congratulations Brad!

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“First, let me mention that when I started managing this store, five years ago, we had an old car wash machine that did only touch-free washes and you can't imagine the problems we had before the change to AUTEC:  endless repairs, constant breakdowns, customers not happy with the washes, bad drying system and bad RO system, i.e. totally not a good car wash machine to have," commented Ziyad Abdulmunem, General Manager of Simon Xpress.

"Before we bought the AUTEC, I would like to refer to the professional communication between AUTEC’s staff and our company owner and myself.  Their professional guidance started from the detailed quote with their recommended options that we could add or remove, allowing for a system that would best fit our needs here in Arizona.  
I want to also commend AUTEC on the accurate delivery dates of the equipment and the professional team that installed the system.  And not just this, they kept following up for weeks after the installation to check on how we were doing with the new machine and to make suggestions on how to grow our car wash sales by suggesting some marketing ideas, advertising, specials, etc.


The differences that we’ve experienced since buying the AUTEC are very simple:  we tripled our gas sales by giving special gas prices for car wash customers, we doubled our store sales by having more customers coming to the store to use the car wash, and the most important change is we have a satisfied customers coming back to use our car wash.

I really thank you, AUTEC, for everything you did to have the new car wash machine installed and running.
I highly recommend this company for any business who wants a very good car wash system . . . because of the great machine we have now and the cooperative, knowledgeable team they have."


    ~Ziyad Abdulmunem

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