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You’ve heard of “Rainy Days and Mondays,” but WEST MAIN AUTO SPA owners Mike and Rhonda Blankenship have a story to tell concerning “Rainy Days and Sundays."

Mike Blankenship learned about AUTEC by researching car wash manufacturers on a rainy Sunday morning after church. He couldn’t go out on his boat so he began researching car washes and found AUTEC CAR WASH SYSTEMS showing up on multiple internet searches. North Carolina’s AUTEC was reasonably local to his Salem, Virginia location.  This was ideal in that he prefers to buy locally whenever he can.  So, Monday rolls around and Blankenship called AUTEC to speak to someone in sales.  Momentarily, Tom Hobby, AUTEC's president, returned the call, which lasted for almost two hours.  Blankenship commented about how refreshing it was to receive a phone call from the president of the company.

From Blankenship’s initial phone conversation with Hobby to the eventual installation of his EV-1 Evolution car wash system at his West Main Auto Spa site, it has evolved into a wonderful and successful collaboration. Blankenship describes AUTEC as a “top notch group” and is appreciative of their involvement in his wash and all the help that they have provided from its beginning to the present.


The car wash totals after only being open for business a few days have been extremely impressive. Blankenship stated, “the site washed 227 vehicles yesterday and was still washing cars at 10 o'clock last night!”  Given Salem, Virginia's population of 25,000, the numbers continue to astound and impress.

So, remember that success and success stories can evolve from “Rainy Days and Mondays," or "Sundays," as the case may be.

From a rainy day in August to a snowy, opening day in January, West Main Auto Spa is off to a great start with their success story.

AUTEC manufactures a full line of vehicle care products for both machine use and hand use.  Not all vehicles will fit in an AUTEC wash.  A local heavy wrecker and towing company uses AUTEC's hand use, foaming car wash concentrate to keep their fleet looking sharp.

A snow tow means the truck comes back to the terminal covered in snow, salt, brine . . . all the elements that are detrimental to a vehicle's finish.

A nice coating of AUTEC's foaming car wash concentrate applied with a foam cannon sets the stage for a super clean machine.

Super shiny and ready for the next tow thanks to AUTEC and a little elbow grease!  OK, with this monster, there's actually a lot of elbow grease!

Call Kurt Price, Chemical Department Manager, today at 1-800-438-3028, for more information about our complete line of both machine use and hand use products.  Many are customizable with colors and fragrances of your choice and are available for shipment worldwide in an array of packaging configurations (from a case of four, one gallon jugs to a 275 gallon tote).  If email is your preferred method of contact, please use

Join AUTEC for a great fall weekend in Virginia Beach as SECWA hosts a Car Wash Road Show.  AUTEC and Flagship Car Wash are happy to be a stop on the tour as you will see noted below at the arrow.

Click here to read more about the Flagship location.

Click on the image below to go to SECWA's registration for the tour.  We hope to see you there!


Published on 10/18/2017

“Having the AUTEC definitely helps us successfully execute our business plan,” commented Jim Butler, General Manager of Modern Toyota in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  “In addition to service department vehicles, we have a thriving rental business.  The AUTEC is great economically for washing these rental cars as well as cars being prepped for auction.  With AUTEC, we are learning to create internal economies that enhance our dealership’s prosperity.  Today, in fact, we had a great customer satisfaction review from a customer who said how much they appreciated their car being washed at their service visit.  This makes for happy people and therefore, great service-customer retention,” Butler concluded.

Click here for a printable pdf about Modern Toyota's AUTEC AES-260.

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